Planificaci?n en la construcci?n de una casa unifamiliar.

Donald Borg Construction can select an architect for you and manage your entire project from the designing to the building phases. By working closely with the architect, the design and construction phases of a project can occur nearly simultaneously, cutting construction time considerably. This process can provide maximum flexibility, greater cost efficiency and better quality in a short amount of time.

Our team of professionals includes the Project Manager, a Donald Borg Construction Superintendent and Subcontractors that have proven to be highly skilled and can offer cost-effective services. While the Project Manager coordinates the entire project, from inception to final completion, the Superintendent remains on site to oversee all work performed according to architectural specifications. This approach allows us the ability to offer a client a seamless coordination of labor and an end product to be proud of.

Because of the vast building experiences the company has to draw from, Donald Borg Construction can assure competitive pricing and detail oriented construction. 


Donald Borg Construction Company can ensure:

  • Constant Project Cost and Operation Control
  • Consistent Client/Contractor Communications
  • Achievement of Client Goals

Donald Borg Construction Company can achieve these results by:

  • In-depth Pre-construction Analysis
  • Quality Controlled Construction
  • Time Schedule Management
  • Valued Engineering with cost saving results